‘breaking the skin on the pool of your self’

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The above quote is by Seamus Heaney from a 1974 lecture entitled ‘Feeling into words’, available online. I first came across it in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book about creativity, ‘Big Magic’ in the summer holidays.

I was drawn to the idea that the poet or the artist digs or delves,  tries to get below the surface in order to reach something in the interior: the treasure within. If you know some of my previous work* you might think that I would be using a teaspoon to do the job. Well, its early days yet, so maybe I shall.

But over the summer I’d already been thinking of using a divining rod as a symbol for my art research project: the idea of two hands together seeking out water; searching out our inner pool, the source of creativity.

I’ve been musing on this for a while now, ever since I heard David Lynch speak about transcendental meditation (TM) and its effect on his work several years ago. It ties in with the Jungian idea of the collective unconscious; albeit a more watery realm, that maybe I’ve dreamed up; being that way inclined.

* http://www.walkintomyparlour.com

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I'm an artist, writer and Inclusive arts Practitioner; my work uses performance, installation, still and moving image, text and objects to explore the way people relate to one another; I draw on the everyday and my own inner experiences and responses to the world around me and extrapolate from there. I work alone or in collaboration with others.

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