playing on our own terms

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This project is not about the ‘mother as artist/artist as mother’ debate, although I find that really interesting too.

In order to participate in this project it is not necessary to have any previous experience of art.

What I am interested in exploring is art-making as a form of play.  I’ve read about the value of play in childhood and the more recent studies about the importance of playing for adults, stressing its relevance throughout life.

I’m intrigued by the irony that as mothers we spend a lot of time around the play of our children. Sometimes we join in with them; sometimes we don’t. Either way, I believe there is a need for us to play ‘on our own terms’ sometimes too.

I don’t want to pre-empt this project by stating what the ‘benefits’ of playing together, making together, might be. I am looking for participants who want to explore with me the question: “what happens when…” ….when we use play, as children do, to externalise our inner lives, to re-imagine and perhaps to transform…when we give free reign to our imagination in a safe environment….when we make alongside, and with, another person; improvising and collaborating in an equal relationship; making connections and re-connections with ourselves, and each other.

We can dream big or we can dream small; both are valid and intrigue me.

Please get in touch with me to find out more:

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I'm an artist, writer and Inclusive arts Practitioner; my work uses performance, installation, still and moving image, text and objects to explore the way people relate to one another; I draw on the everyday and my own inner experiences and responses to the world around me and extrapolate from there. I work alone or in collaboration with others.

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