Call out for participants

August 2017 update: If you would be interested in participating in the ‘other selves’ project and/or would like to collaborate with me, even if you’re not a mother, please get in touch.


Below is the wording of the original call out flyer. Having done this project as a ‘pilot study’ I am going to continue with it, subject to funding in the future. There are already several people who have expressed an interest in participating in the project.

are you a mother?

would you be interested in finding out with me what happens when an artist and a mother play together on their own terms?

other selves: is an art research project exploring collaborations between you and me.

No previous art experience necessary. The ‘art’ will happen in the process.

Over ten weekly one-to-one sessions lasting up to 2 hours, we will play with materials and ideas; devising and improvising; creating and making connections and re-connections, with ourselves and each other; drawing on the everyday ‘stuff’ of our lives and taking time-out from our role as a mother.


(me) Alice Lunt: I have been a practicing artist for about 25 years and am currently studying on the MA Inclusive Arts Practice course at the University of Brighton. I am a mother of two children, aged 11 and 8.

I make objects, installations and small intimate performances using the everyday and my own inner experiences and responses to the world as a springboard.

I am committed to collaborative art-making as a way of making connections in a safe space; in transforming physical materials and objects when much of our lives are given over to being-there-for others or relating through social media.

I am looking for up to four mothers to participate with me individually on the project, starting early October 2016, in Brighton.

Our weekly session times can be negotiated at a time convenient to both of us.

The art research project will be funded by me, as part of the Inclusive Arts Practice course, and there will be no costs to you for participating in it.


(you) please get in touch with me if you are interested in participating and/or finding out more, by using the contact form